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If you have any comments or constructive criticism regarding the way I play Jin, let me know here. Please refrain from outright rudeness. I handle calm words much better than all-caps rages. I appreciate your patience with this.

I also will use this post for OOC contact of any and all sorts.

IP logging/screening is off, and anonymous comments are on. Additionally, if you don't want to bring it up here, you're welcome to IM me on #dreamervortexi, or e-mail me at
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For the Psychics
  • Jin was raised in an aristocratic family. He has no living relatives that he is aware of.
  • Jin keeps his temper tightly controlled, but it is always there, just beneath his calm. Somewhat of a berserker fury.
  • Jin killed his master. He didn’t want to, but he felt forced to. It haunts him to this day.
  • Jin doesn’t know why he wields a blade. A part of him wants to believe he’ll find someone to use his sword for. He thought, at one point, that Shino was that person. She was not.
  • Has homosexual thoughts and impulses for particular individuals, and feels he must shove them down and ignore them. Generally, he is not sexually interested in people that he is not drawn to.


Jin wishes he were joking, but Mugen is a source of...fascination.  He is easily distracted by watching the man move, or by fighting along side or with him. Mugen intrigues him, and it's a frustrating sort of intrigue.

Psychic Related Abilities

He has none. Other than having a sense for when he’s going to be attacked, or having a generally decent impression of the individual he faces. He cannot read minds or move object with his mind.

  • Shapeshifting/Body-switching/etc….I’m open to pretty much anything, as long as you ask me about it first.
  • For hurting Jin, you’re certainly welcome to try. I’d prefer to plot out the overall end result before getting too into a scenario (especially if major injuries are involved).
  • For -killing- JIn, I’d rather only consider it if there’s a way for Jin to come back. That being said, we can certainly discuss it.
  • Affectionate gestures. They can be done, but Jin is not comfortable with them, especially in a public setting. He is likely to freeze up when hugged, and kissing is even more likely to get a palm to the face and outright avoidance. Befriend him, earn his trust, and those affectionate gestures are likely to go much further, yet still...Jin’s a private kind of guy. PDA makes him uncomfortable.
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Player nickname: Meredith
Player DW: I don’t have a player DW
Way to contact you:
AIM: dreamervortexi
Plurk: [Bad username or site: @]n/a
Are you at least 15?: Y
Current Characters: n/a

Character: Jin
Fandom: Samurai Champloo



Jin is calm and apparently collected under even the most tense situations. His demeanor can be frustrating to his travelling companions, as he has spent most of his time working on his skills and perfecting his kenjutsu. His ability to cultivate friends is untested at best.

Jin spent a great deal of time training in his school of kenjutsu, focusing all of his energy into perfecting his skill. When faced with the choice of fighting his master to protect his thought of how his sword should be used, he was forced to kill his master. This choice plagues him. He considers himself a dead man, or someone who should have died.

This betrayal, or what felt like a betrayal, caused Jin to withdraw into himself. He questions why he wields a sword at all. Perhaps that’s why he’s so drawn to Mugen. Mugen has a simple way of thinking when it comes to fighting, and that thought process fascinates Jin.

He can often be seen as cold, or dispassionate, but his passion is held deep and hidden. He has a strong view of honor and finds those who hold no semblance of honor to be distasteful at best.

Recognizing friendship is a difficult thing for Jin, yet when faced with the apparent loss of a companion, it affects him deeply. It hurts. It strengthens his ties with those he travels with and draws him out of his inner shell. At least...a little bit.

Perfection of sword and self is a high priority for Jin, as is keeping his word to Fuu. He fully intends to succeed at the goal of finding the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

It isn’t just his word he intends to keep either. He has friends now, and he’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, even if one of his ‘friends’ is someone he intends to kill. Eventually.

Additional Links:

First Person:

When asked about my thoughts of my current travelling companions, I cannot help but consider the path we have taken together. Our initial meeting was chaotic, and our path after has continued to be so. However, I cannot deny that it has experience.

Fuu is sweet, in her own strange little way. Her obsession with this sunflower samurai borders on manic, yet I can understand the draw. The lack of knowledge. The need to understand and know. Her reasoning is sound, yet her insistence that the wolfchild Mugen and I not fight is ridiculous.

Mugen. A creature of chaos, really. From our first meeting it was obvious what the end of our relationship would be. We would fight, and the world around us would fall apart. And in the end, my blade would end him, and his blade would end me. It cannot be any other way.

Mugen is...chaos. A bright fire in a dark world, swimming in crimson blood. He kills without regard, yet I cannot deny that he’s skilled. His blade is moved by unthinking bloodlust it seems, yet he is the first man I could not kill easily. It is enough to keep my...interest.

Third Person:

The rain soaks through his robes, chilling his skin to the very bone, numbing his muscles. Yet he cannot allow the cold to affect his actions. He cannot let the rain stop him.

Jin’s hands do not shake where they grip the hilt of his katana. Rain soaks through his hair and makes a mess of his glasses, lessening the use of his vision, yet even so. He doesn’t let it change what must be done.

His opponent stands on the opposite end of the muddy field, all lanky limbs and a wry, wolfish smile. Seconds feel like minutes. Minutes feel like hours. Fuu screams from where she’s held by an enemy’s iron grip. But he cannot focus on her.

This moment feels like fate. Like something that surely would always occur, no matter where. No matter when.

If he is water, then surely Mugen is fire. Heat. Intensity.

They were always meant to fight like this. Yet...there is something in the way Mugen smirks at him, the way the man bares his teeth in a wolfish grin and raises a single brow, his blade resting on his shoulder in such a casual manner. Mugen is not focused on him.

It wouldn’t be apparent to the simple viewer of this conflict. No..for all that outsiders can see, Mugen’s taunts and curses are aimed at Jin. But to Jin, he can see the lie he didn’t expect from the other man. The way his sandals are slightly pointed towards the man holding Fuu. The way his muscles are tensed, but not directed at Jin.

A well-disguised lie in the form of a man who is chaos itself.

Mugen’s brow raises and Jin gives him the slightest nod, fingers adjusting their hold on the hilt of his blade automatically.

It’s over far too quickly and not quickly enough. There’s a flash of harsh light thrown against his blade, and then there’s the satisfying feeling of his blade cutting through flesh. Mugen’s scent fills his nose from the opposite side of the man both their blades have taken the life from. Fuu is on the ground, letting out a sigh of relief, and then he’s faced with Mugen’s smirking glare.

“This’n counts as mine, four-eyes.”

A flash of irritation crosses his thoughts and he withdraws his blade, sweeping it through the rain filled air in a harsh hiss to clear the blood from the gleaming blade.


“That all ya got to say? Tch.”

He shrugs. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be today for the fight. But it would be that day eventually, and in the end they would both die.


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